Melissa's Halloween Wish

"Abba, shabba; wabba, woo; dibble, dabble; rabble, roo."

Author: Dona Ross Pratt
Genre: Children's literature
Illustrator: Megan Cunningham

About this book

Melissa's Halloween Wish

It's Melissa Witch's favorite time of year. It's Halloween!

When Melissa and her classmates learn to fly, adventures wait for them around every cloud. Their goal is to find the fantastic wish charm, but will Melissa be able to escape Grumpy Gretchen Witch?

Join Ollie Owl, Snappy Squirrel, and their friends as they help Melissa make this the most memorable Halloween ever.

Meet Miss Leighton

Meet Miss Leighton, my great niece. Leighton is a lucky girl. When she was just a baby, her mother, grandmother and grandfather read age-appropriate books to her. At age three they read "Melissa's Halloween Wish" to her. She loved the story and quickly memorized the rhymes. This video shows how excited and happy she was.




This is Leighton's graduation picture from kindergarten in 2017 at age 5. Leighton is now in 2nd grade and reads at a fifth grade level. her grandfather has been a high school teacher for 24 years and has always stressed the importance of reading to and with young children.