About the Author

Dona Ross Pratt, a licensed primary school teacher, has written several books to excite the imagination of the younger aged children.   Read more about Dona

Melissa's Halloween Wish


"Abba, shabba; wabba, woo; dibble, dabble; rabble, roo."

It's Melissa Witch's favorite time of year.  It's Halloween!  When Melissa and her classmates learn to fly, adventures wait for them around every cloud.  Their goal is to find the fantastic wish charm, but will Melissa be able to escape Grumpy Gretchen Witch?  Join Ollie Owl. Snappy Squirrel, and their friends as they help Melissa make this the most memorable Halloween ever.

Melissa's Christmas Adventure


"Magic stardust, sprinkle down, softly, softly all around!"

It was Christmas Eve, the most magical night of the year!  Good little witch Melissa was riding her broom through the snow-covered woods when she came across an unbelievable sight: a spectacular red and gold sleigh overturned in the snow.  Where those reindeer nearby?  And who was the man in the red suit?  he had bumped his head and needed her help.  Melissa had no time to waste.  She pulled some magic stardust from her pocket.  With her friends Ollie Owl and Snappy Squirrel lending a hand, it would be up to Melissa to rescue Christmas.